What’s Rv Chickadee’s deal??


I’m Kelly. I moved into my Rv Travel Trailer (full-time) in 2015.Kelly with Falcon  I could make this happen at an early age because I have an online job. I’m a ‘digital nomad’.

I screw up a lot! Thankfully, my RV’ing mistakes make funny stories. I’m not afraid to share them along with some cool shit I might see when I am not tripping, falling, failing, or breaking something. 😂

You might learn something and not have to screw it up yourself. Still, I believe you learn the best when you make the mistakes yourself.

I have less stuff and, therefore, more time. I sold everything I had. Now, all of my belongings fit into my truck and travel trailer. It’s amazing what you SERIOUSLY CAN live without. All that stuff you think ‘I HAVE to have THIS…’- it’s all bullshit.

I still have a few items I just want and don’t need. I have room for them, so, it’s no big deal. (Like dress shoes. Just, why?? Seriously I haven’t used any but maybe twice in a year and a half.)

The Girls with crazy car

I have two Chi type dogs that like to follow me around, one being quart sized (Trixie) and one being pint-sized (Gizmo). They enjoy being on the road as well and live better than they ever have with the freedom of being off leash and unenclosed. I watch them like a  hawk when we are out on a walk and when around the campsite, they are always within eyeshot.

They enjoy being on the road as well and live better than they ever have with the freedom of being off leash and unenclosed. I watch them like a  hawk when we are out on a walk and when around the campsite, they are always within eyeshot.

I watch them like a  hawk when we are out on a walk and when around the campsite, they are always within eyeshot.

I have learned so much from fellow RV’ers and I am surprised to find so many others around my age who live this nomadic lifestyle, and I LIKE them very much. It’s a great community of like-minded Gen- Xers and Millenials with some Boomers as well.


I thought it would be all boomers, but happily, I have found peeps my age and even way younger and way older who are very cool. I have more friends and acquaintances now than I have ever had.

I have more friends and acquaintances now than I have ever had.

Life is what you make of it. I made this happen. And it fucking rocks!

Thanks for following along with my little stories! It’s no fun to just keep it all to myself.  : )

31 thoughts on “What’s Rv Chickadee’s deal??

  1. Very well written Kelly. I will love living vicariously through your courageous, adventuring, self. Will love keeping up with you via your blog. I love you. Felicia


  2. Kelly
    Reality set in tonight that u
    r leaving. I began an exercise
    Routine when we hooked up.
    Pilates was the beginning and I
    graduated to training with you.
    You always kick my butt. I did
    Dead Lifts for an hour with you.
    My muscle still hurt. Remember
    Don’t worry, I’ll keep u laughing with funny e-mails during your
    Exciting. Journey.
    Love Ya
    I”lmiss u.
    Muscle Meathead💪


    1. Nelson!!!!! That deadlift sesh was the BEST! Your form was ‘dead’ on and I got a kick out of it!!! This is just a new beginning, we will def stay in touch, just you may have to find a new butt kicker when you’re at Watercolor. : /
      Love ya, Nelson!!! You have been molded into a meat machine, I must say.


  3. Kelly Beeeesley!
    I am catching up on FB and read about you embarking on this great adventure…all I can say is WOW, you are brave and courageous for sure, but more that that you are true to yourself. I am happy for you, sounds like an amazing chapter in your life and one you won’t regret. When we moved to Idaho, we took almost 4 days to drive across America…through 13 sates…the beauty will leave you gasping for air! Enjoy every minute of it. The different landscapes, the people, the VAST, VAST lands and the sense of gratefulness that envelops you . Look forward to following your travels via your blog, tell me when you in WA (would love to see you) and take care roomie.

    Much love,


    1. Shereenie!!! Thank you for the comforting words roomie! I so can’t wait to see what you have seen and I’m definitely getting up there to Washington it’s one of my top destinations. So we’re going to have a reunion girl! It may not be this year but possibly next year, it all just depends on where the roads take me. I can’t wait to see you again! And Paul and David too. I’ll keep you apprised on all I’m doing!!!
      Thanks again Shereenie-Beenie-weeny!!!


  4. Hi, Kelly, I found your blog … somehow!… probably through a link on someone else’s. I’m also single, in my 40s, own 2 dogs, live in Florida, and am currently in the process of clearing out my stuff so I can sell my house, buy an RV and travel the country with the dogs. You mentioned on one of your posts (I’ve been reading through all the ones tagged full-timer!) that you regretted your travel trailer purchase. Can you maybe elaborate on that? I haven’t decided what to buy yet. I know solar would be a good idea, but like you, I’m going to start slow and only get into boondocking after I’ve figured out all the other challenges of RV’ing. I’ve added you to my RSS reader so I’m looking forward to reading more!

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    1. Hi Sarah, sure I’m happy to elaborate about my travel trailer purchase. I chose it more for the aesthetics of the interior than the functionality. My trailer has the U-shaped booth all the way at one end, a long kitchen in the middle, and a bed at the other end. For a single person, a U-shaped booth is worthless, in my opinion. I took out the table thinking I could use the bench but is not comfortable. I now realize it would be nice to be able to have company come over but there’s nowhere here for them to hang out comfortably. There’s nowhere here for ME to hang out comfortably! The bathroom is too small, making the bed is the biggest chore ever, and I wish I had some drawers. I have good counterspace though and I do like the big window at the end. Those are my biggest beefs. You’re D oing the right thing by taking it slow, starting im campgrounds, etc. You can’t learn it all right away and besides, the best learning comes from experience! Good luck on your journey and thank you for reading!


      1. Thanks so much for your quick response! I was thinking the U-shaped dinette would be nice, too — mostly because my dogs like to sit next to me and it looks bigger than the smaller ones. Good to know that you haven’t found it worthwhile! The benches don’t look very comfortable, I must admit. I’ll start looking at more of the armchair plans. And avoid tiny bathrooms!


  5. Sarah- actually wish I had a dinette. Just not the U-shaped booth. Essentially, I have nowhere to do office work, set my computer down and work on it, or eat! It’s just that they were things I figured I could live with, but after living with them for a while or without them, now I better know what I want and don’t want. Good luck in your search and your upcoming new life!


  6. Hi There!!! 🙂

    Just found you on IG, looking forward to catching up on your travel and hope to also be out there soon. I’m 45 and want to travel and live my life now.

    Wishing you all the best,

    Northern CA

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    1. Hi Tina! Thank you for reading my stories! I hope they help you a little as far as what to expect. Do you have a plan? (Like a date you want to be on the road by?) I’m excited for you!!! -Kel


      1. Hi Kel,

        Thanks, I’m hoping to be out on the road by early next year, April. I still have the house full of crap that needs to go. I’m thinking of starting with a van and see how that goes. You have been to some amazing places.


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    1. Like I commented, I like your writing style! It’s sharp and to the point- no fluff! Fluff sucks. 🙂

      Thank you for the link back! I am moving back into my RV house tomorrow!! Been off the road for around 2 months for reasons beyond my control. CAN’T WAIT!

      Keep on trucking, and keep on sharing…

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  7. Hi Kelly, I Like your blog. Just found it recently. I am in the process right now of getting rid of stuff and looking for an RV. I am pretty much set on a small class c. I lived in a 20 ft. winnebago in the mid 90’s, for 2 years but ended up dealing with having cancer twice so went back to apt. living . I am 62 and am cancer free and feel healthy and ready to go. Not fully retired. Still hope to make some money on the road , here and there or online. I love reading about your mis- haps and discoveries. Have not started my blog yet but will shortly. Cant wait to get back out there and hoping to have found an RV and be ready to hit the road by early summer.

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  8. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for taking the time to comment and for being so kind! Good job knocking out the cancer!! Now you’re free to go do what you want to do in life and on the road, I hope. You can make money on the road and/or online. I have only done it online- before I launched and then on the road I got a job with Appen. I am now working on developing a website with a business partner whom I met on the road. You never know where life is gonna take you! I NEVER dreamt I would be in website development. Oh, the road is SUCH a joy!! I look forward to hearing about your ‘launch’. And I hope you do start a blog, if not just for yourself to document your journey. It’s not common to hear about single chicks doing it on their own. (I’m assuming you are solo?) GO FOR IT, and zing up your life! I’ll keep tripping and fumbling for your enteratinment. 🙂 I hope we meet on the road someday!


    1. Just me. Had 3 cats and a dog up until recently. Might have started this earlier but they were all elderly with health problems so decided to wait . I Love people and am outgoing and meet people easily but in a lot of ways I am also a loner. Do a lot of stuff by myself and have traveled a lot by myself. Like being by myself a lot too. When I traveled 20 years ago for a couple years in an RV it was as a single woman and looks like it will be again. No problem. I will be watching your blog and let you know soon as I start mine. Maybe meet up one day.


  9. Susan-
    I think I would be too lonely without a dog or two with me, living this way. Good for you for putting your pets first! I like you already. : )

    I feel OK being by myself as well. However, I definitely need human interaction. Used to think I was a major loner but now I realize I do crave companionship in one way or another. I’ve met a lot of great people on the road but they do come and go. So having a traveling partner has been nice. Can’t wait to see you start up again and definitely hope we meet one day. Be sure to let me know about your blog. Thanks and happy travels!


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