“The Girls” Trixie and Gizmo


This little spitfire literally came running into my life around 2007 when I was riding my scooter through the neighborhood. This little dog suddenly appeared running down the street.


Naturally, I had to stop and say hello. After a brief petting and a few kisses, I put her down assuming she lived somewhere nearby. (She had a collar but no tags)

I scooted on.  A few blocks later, she came bounding past me again to my surprise. We were nowhere near where I first found her.


This caused me concern as she was running in the street, apparently following me and she could easily get hit by a car.

I couldn’t leave her there so I picked her up and took her home. Nobody ever claimed her and she’s been my baby ever since!

‘Trix’ gets the ‘spins’ once almost every day. Then it’s off to the races after a few spins. She’s very quick! I love this dog more than life.

IMG_6393 (2)



THIS dog….


This little dog is here today because of Alaqua Animal Refuge. It was September of 2013, and she was part of the largest hoarding case that Alaqua took on.

It included 97 dogs and I think about 15 horses. Alaqua took in all of the dogs and a few of the horses.

I was helping with the care of the dogs when I first saw her. I couldn’t believe how small and perfect she was!


She weighs only 2.4 lbs. She had a distended belly so Reca, an Alaqua worker took her home because they thought she was pregnant.

I had put in an application to adopt her, but after keeping her for a short time, Reca decided to keep her.

I let it go and carried on with life. A few weeks later Reca called and asked me if I still wanted to adopt her. (Gizmo never relaxed around Reca’s son and wasn’t happy)

She loves a bath!


I said ‘hell yes!’, and that was that. I got to bring her home and introduce her to Trixie.

Check out the video of their first meeting! This dog makes me laugh every single day and has more personality than most people!

I get so much enjoyment from her, she is a little blessing in my life!

Photo gallery of the girls below video.



IMG_6184 IMG_8268 IMG_3931 IMG_4197 IMG_6282 IMG_7798 IMG_3920 (1) IMG_3398 IMG_2129 IMG_1973 IMG_1616 IMG_1571 IMG_1506 IMG_0955 IMG_0658

10 thoughts on ““The Girls” Trixie and Gizmo

  1. They could not be any cuter. I just found your blog and am about to embark on a cross country trip in my RV with my 4 old girls. Love seeing other women doing it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too Judith! It’s not very common to find souls ‘brave’ enough to do it. (I don’t feel brave because it doesn’t scare me. However that’s what people always say to me, “you’re so brave”, so I assume most are fearful about it.) Have a ball and let me know how it goes or if you need help/have questions. I’m happy to help!


  2. Gizmo looks just like my grand dog Sophie! We just love her so much. She loves us too and knows when we are coming for a visit. She knows the sound of our Dodge truck. Even from 7 stories in a downtown Seattle apartment building! She goes crazy when we come for a visit!
    So glad you are having such a great time rving. We’ve been at it since 2010 and have loved almost every minute. We are in Phoenix right now for the winter.
    Just found your blog the other day on Full time rvers. We have a blog also. It is located at


    1. Well Karen, you have a VERY CUTE grand dog then!! They are so smart- it’s amazing to hear she knows you’re coming from 7 stories up. Man, I do love it and you must as well. I know many who do it and love the hell out of it. I will be in Az for winter as well, more than likely. Scary story about the fire on your blog! Sheesh- it’s always a possibility here out west. 😮 Thanks for the note, and maybe I’ll see you on the road!!


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