Boondocking Bullshit!

So I am finally here! I am parked in Salida with the cast and crew of Rv Nomads- the documentary. Haven’t filmed at all yet, that’s tomorrow. All day (8-5). Interview in the morning, ‘lifestyle’ shoot in the afternoon. Oh, and I have a black eye. (My left. Covered here.) Perfect timing! (Bungee cord accident. … More Boondocking Bullshit!

The Nomadic Life- A Cure For Depression?

I am starting to believe that we humans have a basic need, or drive, that has been taken away from us by living in today’s society. I believe it’s a need that most of us aren’t really aware of. You may feel it but not understand what the need or the frustration is or stems from. Is this part of the cause for boredom, depression and frustration? … More The Nomadic Life- A Cure For Depression?