So You CAN Do Gymnastics And Simulate The Shawshank Redemption When You’re Boondocking?! Who Knew??

Leaving the Titties, oops, Tetons, was no easy feat. Especially knowing I was going somewhere that was not one of my favorite National Parks. Yellowstone.

I’m not complaining, it’s just not one of my WOW places.

It’s a lot of driving through solid pine trees (much like where I am from in Florida). A LOT of it, only to arrive at a smelly pit of gas. LOL! Hmm.



See? Cool, I know. Again- not bashing it, just I prefer mountains, flowers and snow scenes over this!

So while boondocking, we ended up having a little compound of a group, all friends which we knew, so it was ok. I got to hang out more with Hannah, Angelica, Tiny Ass Camper, and Wandering Nation- Celeste and Matthew. Later, Tom Wilson joined the party.

Thanks for the photo, Matthew! (He’s really tall.)

Acrobatics With Acro Yoga

It got funny with Angelica, Marshall, and Hannah when we did a little Acro Yoga… which is just basically acrobatics amongst two people. Angelica does this for a living so we got to have fun with it…


Haven’t fallen yet…


Haven’t bent like this since I was personal training. Somehow, I didn’t break.




IMG_1697 2
Just hanging out…


Next up: Marshall…

Getting a feel for things…
Dude seems to be COPPING a feel! 😆

Things got real when Marshall successfully flew…




Miss Hannah was SERIOUSLY enjoying her time Acro Yoga-ing…

Just look at the expression on her face here…

This is one seriously happy full-time RVer…

But wait a minute…

Doesn’t this photo look a little familiar? It does, doesn’t it? Reminds me of something.

Can’t put my finger on it…


I know!!!! OMG…


The famous end scene when Andy crawls out of the mile of shit pipe and comes out in the rain…. YES!

Let’s compare:


THERE IT IS! Poor Hannah has NEVER seen The Shawshank Redemption. I am going to make you watch this movie one day, chica!!


So this place does have its cool stuff, duh.

They have bison, deer and cool waterfalls…



Hey, the car was RIGHT behind me. Don’t give me shit.





My favorite bird is singing in the background in this deer video. I can’t remember what it’s called. Anyone want to take a stab at what the bird is?




IF you like the Girls, here’s Gizmo taunting Trixie, who is trying to poop in peace, but neither G nor I will let her poop in peace… (No, we weren’t in Yellowstone, this is on a trail by our boondocking spot)




More stinky Yellowstone features- this is Dragon’s Breath. Yeah, it stunk.



Tarp Time

Well, there was some weather while we were here, yes. Aaaaaaaand I had a roof leak. Thankfully (?) I have had a leak before and had a tarp and rope on hand. It went right on with the help of my (everyone needs a) Marshall and Tom Wilson (

COULD NOT find where it was leaking. Luckily, my split-in-the-ass jeans fixer, Sonja Barrie came out one day to say hi, and FOUND the hole! Made it big enough for me to see. She’s my fix-it-fairy!

Thankfully, I had some gum that really fixed it. Next blog. Beeee patient…


Anyone see anything here that could have been a better idea?? Anyone? Like… not putting the long side of the tarp over the DOOR area? Anyone? Thank god I’m thin.


Living full-time in an RV boondocking exclusively will eventually get you somewhere near a fire. This happened this very dry summer (Except for the days it freaking rained and I needed a tarp…) while we were in Yellowstone.

I got video. Not very dramatic, but it was literally not much farther than where I videoed from our RVs.



Just Because You Love Trixie

Ok, not much to do with anything except it’s cute. This is how Trix lets me know she wants to go outside. God, those perfectly round eyes!!!



Mountainous Weather and Musings

Took this cool time-lapse of a storm coming in and over my rig near Yellowstone. Boondocking living… the best!




I love everything about the mountains in the spring. The tall grass, the wildflowers, the lingering snow, and the heavily flowing creeks. This little video emphasizes how big the grass was for The Girls.




That’s all for Yellowstone… Next up I will show you a gum fix, a midnight demonic growl, and shit! I mean, sheep! Well, there was shit, too.


5 thoughts on “So You CAN Do Gymnastics And Simulate The Shawshank Redemption When You’re Boondocking?! Who Knew??

  1. You nailed it on Yellowstone, I did a 2400 mile loop over the summer from CA to Death Valley to Grand Canyon to Kanab to Jackson to The Grand Tetons, then finally the Grand finally was Yellowstone. I loved the Grand Tetons and regretted leaving them for Yellowstone. I could have seen all
    Of it except it except the geyser only better in CA. 😕 The rest of the trip was exceptional.

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  2. Yo Kell. We all agree with you 110% about the Titties and Yellowstone. You did however leave out another issue about Yellowstone. The busloads of tourists with freakin selfies sticks that clog the roads and paths and parking lots. The best day we had was the day we rolled out of bed early and hit the tourist attractions at 6AM! Those lazy, bus riding f-ers cant get the bus driver up that early! 🙂

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    1. Very true, Scott. You definitely have to get in and out EARLY unless you love traffic jams, waiting in lines and walking behind large, slow moving groups. Not to mention the bison backups! Oh well, it’s just not my favorite, for many reasons. ❤️


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