Why the Quartzsite Az RV show will likely be a waste of your time.

I’ve been asked by quite a few full-time RV living friends: “Is the Quartzsite Az RV show worth going to?”

My short answer?

‘Nope. Don’t waste your time.’

The longer answer?

‘Maybe. IMO, it’s only worth going if you’re meeting people there. Or if you are into collecting junk or rocks.’

If you’re in the market for buying a rig, it might be worth it. I have no data to support an answer either way.

The big tent with surrounding booths and RV’s for sale.  Photo by www.quartzsitervshow.com

Quartzsite, or ‘Q’,  is not a pretty destination in of itself.

Yet every January the Quartzsite RV show becomes the destination of thousands of RVers.

Many RV clubs have annual convergences in Q during this time. THAT’S a decent reason to go. The tent show itself? Not so much.

I have for you a pictorial guide of some of the crap what you will find under the tent.


The shit RV tent show.

Yep, I realize that this is my opinion, but I am sticking to it. (Most of my RVing friends I have talked to about this subject agree with me, to be quite frank. Maybe it’s a generation thing. I’m gen X. Many of my friends are as well.)

The tent show has so much CRAP for sale… My opinion may have a lot to do with my choice of lifestyle- which can easily be interpreted as minimalist. I just don’t buy much these days. Even if I were a big-time shopper, this place wouldn’t flip my skirt.

Some friends and I did go on a scavenger hunt put on by the Xscapers club, though. We quit after just a few photos because there was food on a stick to be eaten.

(Note the fanny packs in the second photo. And also the hot tub. More on this to come.)

Anyway, I sure as hell don’t buy things they sell at the show like hot tubs, kitchen gadgets or noisy contractor generators. (Yes, they sell HOT TUBS.)

Just to be thorough, I looked up the official website of the RV show, and it’s actually called the ‘Sports, Vacation and RV show’. Mmmm. Ok.

Get ready for massive mediocrity. Here’s some of the crap that lurks under the RV tent: 😂


Huh. Belts. Wallets. Ok. It’s a Sport, Vacation and Rv show. Aaaaaand this fits in how?


Ooh! Ooh! YES! I need a large, heavy, plug-in required fat burning machine for my RV! Fracking FINALLY! 


Weird. Ok. Nail files. Crystal and glass. What is this, a beauty show??


Aah!!! Ok, HERE’S something Rv related! Finally. (Yay, I AM at the right show!). But, I already have an Oxygenics showerhead. So, this is another useless booth for me. I do recommend them, they help save water while showering but still give decent pressure.

(Get one here cheaper from Amazon. And you don’t even have to travel all the way to Quartzsite to get one! Click on either photo.)


Pretty vases? No, they are… humidifiers. And they require a/c power. Which I don’t have because I run everything off of my batteries. Also, I really don’t need a humidifier. 


Well, they could be ‘fun’ I suppose. But again- really? This is something extremely unnecessary for RVing. But fun for, say, the weekender RVer. Still, you could you get it on Amazon. I figured this place would have rock-bottom prices as, in my world, the first thing I am going to do is price compare on Amazon right there and then if I see something I want or need. Nope, the prices weren’t rock bottom. Need one? 😜 Get one here from Amazon: (Click on photo) 


Ugh. Fanny packs? They probably DO sell a lot of fanny packs here. Just, I am not buying one. Ok, this item is pretty legit just because of the demographic they are selling to.


And here is one of the FOUR dealers selling hot tubs at the show. At least these look portable. For vacation? Please. Vacation is a hot tub that I am in that I don’t have to constantly manage, pay for, and keep clean. 




‘Round a corner and you will hit ANOTHER hot tub dealer. And another hot tub dealer…


Ugly Hawaiian shirt, anyone? Who wears these EVER? (Not I)


For fuck’s sake, another giant nail file booth? Because one booth wasn’t enough. I’m so glad I came here now. My life is fulfilled.


Because, duh, you need a totally separate towel for each specific item to dry. Wait, why did they combine the RV and dog drying towel? Is that a thing?


Um, more wallets. And fanny packs. Super awesome? Whee.


Now, THIS caught my eye! It’s a ‘Sugar Glider’ and it’s a real animal! These were actually being sold there. I very seriously considered getting one. They are just SO DAMN CUTE! Then I found out they pee on you unless they are in your pocket. And they cost $600. And I would want two. So, no.


Then, I got ‘caught’ taking photos of the cuties, which apparently you aren’t supposed to do. So naturally, I had to post my illegal pics cause I’m a rebel.😜


What do you see here in this priceless cheese grater demonstration booth? Well, first I saw the ‘back in 10 mins’ sign. THEN I noticed the booth attendant was actually there. He’s sitting down below the lamp looking at his phone. Apparently, he’s bored too. Can’t blame him.


What the…?? Is this a garden show or something??? A …power hose nozzle. Seriously?


Well, when in Rome… sell the stuff Roman’s use. However, I and most of my friends with me in Q are not yet in the market. Also, if you live in an RV, this would be very difficult to use.


Wait a sec… did I just jump into another beauty tent? MULTIPLE puffy eye cream booths could be found.


Sure. You SO need a sharpening device for your every day RVing must-have items… your ax, hatchet, lawnmower blade, knife, scissors, yard shears and rose pruners you carry with you. For sure!


Here’s a giant heavy umbrella.  I guess it would nicely cover your new hot tub.


Dislike crowds? Dislike shopping? Awesome! This place will help you loathe both even more.

I hope his helps clear up any questions you may have had about the show.

It’s something to do, sure. Once. Maybe. Sort of a rite of passage. Just don’t think it’s going to be an awesome place to get good information about RVing or get good useful products for RVing.


Sure, there are solar places in town, and you could get a new awning (I did) while you are here. But you don’t have to come to Quartzsite to get these things.

Yup. Shiny new awning!


Still, here you can get a concealed carry permit. A hot dog on a stick. You can get a good Honda or Yamaha generator. Portable solar panels for your Rv. They have an ‘adult daycare’ (Very funny name- it’s an outdoor bar)

I have the Yamaha 2000is pictured below. It’s perfect for me- starts with one pull and it has a gas flow stop switch so that if you don’t use it for an extended period of time, the gas won’t sit in the lines and cause it to not run.

If you want to learn more about camping generators, here’s a great page about portable camping generators.

On that note, the Honda is an excellent and quiet choice for RVing as well. It just didn’t have the gas switch, so I opted for the Yamaha. If you want to piss off your neighbors, sure, go ahead and get a contractor generator for cheaper. You won’t make many friends! (But you may make some enemies.)

Want to buy one? Click on the photo.

RVing clubs are present in the tent such as The  Escapees RV club, The Motorcoach Association, Workamping jobs, Good Sam Club, etc. Yes, there are SOME RVing related things at the show.

But I didn’t find much value in going to the show.

You can find much more information about RVing and good products to get by doing a simple Google search. Many full-time RV blogs do write-ups about products. Use them.

That’s it for the show.

Where am I?

Currently, I am boondocking with friends at American Girl Mine Rd in Winterhaven, Ca. Needed to be close to Mexico for a dental cleaning. (It was only twenty bucks!!!)

New home for a bit.
Thank you, Arizona, for your supreme sunsets.


We’re leaving in a few days for Kingman, Az. The plan is to start heading north slowly to land in Oregon and possibly Washington for the summer.

Thanks for following along with me. You’re awesome!  😋

33 thoughts on “Why the Quartzsite Az RV show will likely be a waste of your time.

  1. Thanks for the zero-bullshit take on Quartzsite. I’m not on the road yet, so I was wondering if it was worth doing. Sounds like the same crap as the local RV shows, writ large. Ehhh…no.

    Maybe it’s that the RV industry is slow to morph and it’ll be about another 7-10 years before they figure out that we are not all handicapped retirees with few interests beyond using our pensions to load up on As Seen On TV crap.

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    1. Teresa, you nailed that one! They did have as seen on TV crap. And God yes, they are slow to catch on. I really did want to write this so others may not be as disappointed as I was the first time I went last year. I was a new RV her and thought I could learn a lot at the place. Nope. I only returned because I wanted to meet new people at the Xscapers convergence. I only went to the 10th show this time for the little scavenger hunt game that we did, and to see if the show had changed. I took these photos with the blog in mind. Thank you for your input, and thank you for taking the time to comment!

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  2. So I was reading along enjoying your writing as is always the case, chuckling at your irreverent observations of life and ever so subtle commentary, reveling in your wordsmithing, when all of a sudden I came upon it.

    The gate crasher, the smack in the forehead, the epiphany moment that maybe you have lost it. Taken minimalism too far. Gone extreme. Stumbled over the edge. ‘Loco-whacko-kookomonga, in not so subtle words. I mean really yanno, I was all scared for you. Honest to my great Grammy’s wisdom, these thoughts were racing through my head.

    Whoa Nellie, I kept thinking, she’s crossed the line, hit the wall, slipped into the abyss.
    So as I’m reading along, I get the slight lack of personal endorsement of the Q rock collections, vacuum sellers, beauty supplies and designer towel sets, and even went ok, maybe on the fanny packs too.

    But honest to gawd, you had me until the Hawaiian shirts. How could you? What came over you? Egad woman.

    Have you never just kicked back as the sun sets, enjoying an adult beverage beside a crackling fire after climbing a mountain, playing in the sand dunes, or spent a day hunting down sightings of Gizmo… wearing a Tommy Bahama Hawaiian Shirt? C’mon girl. It’s heaven. The breeze on the belly button, big pockets of nothingness, and patterned to hide every wrinkle one can fold into it? Utter bliss.

    You are missing out on one of life’s great pleasure RVChickieLady. At least I hope that is all it is, because otherwise I have half a closet to empty and a need to re-think my idea of boondocking Haute Couture.

    Just saying is all. Oh and great post. Always enjoy your stuff.

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    1. Oh boy. You might be onto something. Naaaaah, I can’t even fake trying to like them! I’m leaving that pleasure for all others to enjoy. 😂 The less Hawaiian shirts I wear, the more you get to have. Aren’t I generous? You’re funny, thank you for the reply, and I guess now I’ll know how to find you -just look for the Hawaiian shirt! 🤣 Thank you for still reading despite my terrible taste. 😊


    2. I gotta go with Chickadee on this one, Rick. Have you noticed who wears Hawaiian shirts these days? Old guys with bushy gray mustaches and a few too many extra inches around the midsection. The kind of guys who wear socks and sandals. And silly hats. Andy fanny packs. Worse yet are the old guys who wear Hawaiian shirts TUCKED IN. Really?!?

      Now, I will admit that I’m getting into that age range, but I will never be THAT HAWAIIAN SHIRT GUY. Not a single one in my closet. Let go of the 80’s, Rick. Tom Selleck doesn’t even wear them anymore either.


  3. Build it and they will come, lol. I guess people want their cake and eat it too. They want the minimalist life but want the toys. A “watermelon slicer” ya gotta be kidding. Uummmm don’t think I need that. Glad to meet you. Think we’ll tag along and see the world through your eyes if that’s okay.

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  4. You hit zee nail on zee head Chickie DeeDee. Your comments had me laughing.
    I also was disappointed by the carny feel of the Q ‘show’. (Is this where carny barkers retire?) I think it’s heyday has long since passed which is sad.
    I did want to come experience it once though as a noob fulltimer. Last winter was my first visit. I am NOT a crowd person but I did catch the wind down of the RV show and all the same tired hawkers. People were grumpy, the streets were traffic-y, and yeah, ’nuff said. Did score a couple of cool solar lanterns so that was my ‘souvenir’ 🙂
    The best and memorable part was the meet up with friends south of Q near KOFA! And KOFA is pretty dramatically beautiful. That great memory brought me back this season. Met some new friends and yes, I agree that that is probably why Q chugs on every year. Reunions, nostalgia and damn cheap camping in a mild climate. It sure ain’t for the bargains. Cheers!

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    1. Yep, the Kofa was the best part, wasn’t it?? I went hoping to find more peeps like y’all last year. Then I was sick for most of the convergence!!! 😞 I could have written what you just wrote above. Miss you chica!! Thanks for commenting!


  5. Well that all looks utterly unappealing…. Honestly, I have no desire to do the Quartzite thing at all. But we’ll probably go, like you said, just to do the Xscapers thing and to check it off the list. But I doubt we’ll go to the shopping tent. I honestly just find that stuff depressing. If you can’t figure out how to slice a watermelon, you’re a special kind of stupid. Anywho, thanks for confirming our impressions of it.

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    1. I heard that from someone else as well. Still, you would think that an RV show would be really specific in the things to sell. I guess this is why am not into marketing! Yep, oh never return to crowded Quartzsite unless it’s for some great convergence I can’t miss out on.


  6. You are funny and entertaining. I agree, not much there for the real RVer but I enjoyed going there and looking around. I got lured into buying something stupid that I later returned. The best part was meeting with you guys. I will go back next year if there will be another awesome Convergence. Not for the show though.

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    1. OMG you returned the garlic masher??? LOL!! It was great to get to become friends with you as well- see you in a few days, and thanks for commenting chica!! Xoxo.


      1. Noooooo…. I returned the feet/back/shoulder click heat thingie that was way overpriced and is getting horrible reviews on Amazon. I thought it’s a great idea when camping to have a feet warmer or shoulder warmer sitting outside by the fire. I didn’t realise that you can only use this thing for like 15 – 30 minutes before it cools down then you have to cook the thing in boiling water for 15 minutes to be able to use it again. The thing gets so hard, you are unable to fold it, you won’t have a pot big enough to boil it in. What a bad concept and idea! It’s called Click Heat and I DO NOT RECCOMEND IT!

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    1. Right on- we went to dentalbetel.com. My business partner’s parents have gone there for years! The place was nicer than some dental offices in the United States. Do you have the art equipment, ridiculously low prices.


  7. John and I were laughing hysterically. We had seen all kinds of YouTube videos about quartzite but couldn’t really figure out the appeal. We don’t like crowds or shopping like you said. It would be fun to go to a convergence and I can see why this could be an easy spot but other then that… I don’t know. Thanks for the laughs!
    -Hebard’s Travels

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    1. That’s awesome!! Glad you enjoyed and I could help you know what you’re going to get. Some people enjoy it… but maybe they need to get out a litle more, lol! Anyway, thank you for reading, and for commenting. 😊

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  8. Great article on the big Q. I did go about 20 years ago. Never went in the big tent. Instead I spent my time at the outdoor , away from main area shows. More like flea markets allmost. At the time I was buying and selling on the road. Doing street fairs, music festivals, flea markets. So, I did find some great deals on strands of beads, etc…not in the big tent or even the big area but on the outskirt areas. However, I did find the whole thing a bit to overwhelming and only spent 4 days there. I’m planning to get an RV and hit the road again soon. Will I go to Quartzsite again. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe if I see a group I want to hang out with for awhile. But, most likely not. Don’t like the big crowds. I do plan to head up thru Oregon , Washington and into Montana for the summer /fall. So, maybe we will meet up ! Love your blog.


    1. Well, has it been 20 years since you ventured out in an RV? You must have the itch pretty bad!

      I don’t know, it’s just me, but if I had already been there before I’d be jonesing to go see things I have not yet experienced. Of course it all depends on your wants and likes.

      Glad you will be hitting the road again!

      And yes, Oregon is the plan so if all goes as “planned” maybe we will meet down the road!


      1. Yes, Definitely itching to go again. Looking to buy now. I was only in Q for a week or less so saw lots of other stuff beside there. I doubt I will go there again. Spent 2 years in the RV. Only reason I quite was I was dealing with having cancer. Had it twice, got bogged down with other stuff. Pets, etc… I mean. I know you can travel with pets but mine where getting very elderly when i started wanting to go again. They all passed away in the last year. 3 cats and a dog. Oregon is beautiful as is Washington . Have spent some time in both. Really wanting to go up towards Montana and around Glacier. Have not spent any time in that area.

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      2. I hope the cancer is behind you. And sorry about your babies. It’s so hard to lose them. Glacier national Park is freaking unbelievable. Definitely head up there when you finally are RVing again. Montana is definitely gods country!


  9. Hilarious lol. Thanks for the info. This reminds me of some gun shows I’ve attended. “What’s THIS doing at a gun show?” 😛 I’ve attended RV shows back home on the East Coast, but none on the West. I just found out about the Pomona show. Is that a good show? Which shows would you recommend in SoCal, and nearby Nevada and AZ, for someone looking to buy a small relatively inexpensive RV for one person, perhaps two?


    1. The only shows I have been to were one in Tampa in the 90’s, and the Q show, two years in a row so I can’t speak for the others. I can only recommend getting into as many as possible and hanging out in them for a bit. See how they feel and consider what you will bring. Just heck out dealerships, shows and people selling theirs by owner. Good luck! The hunt is fun. : )


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