What Does An ‘Unemployed’ Full-Time RVer Do All Day?

What DO we do with our time?

If you know this girl well enough, you know I quit my online job in May of 2016. I am basically unemployed, having no current job that provides income. 😳

Does that make me a loser? 😵

Well, what DO I do with my time? Actually, quite a lot of things.

Such as:

Emptying my RV tanks.


Binge watching Netflix.

Spending way too much time on social media.

Driving from SW Colorado to Florida to repair my rental house shitstorm of a yard and ‘Breaking Back’ in the process.

Finding water to fill my RV tank.

Going on a hike or a ride.

Things like that.

Ok, Ok, I am joking. Well, sure I do do those things.

But that’s not ALL I do.

I am not retired. I do work. I just don’t make money from it. Mostly, my time involves writing and researching on my laptop. (And TRYING to do tech-y things that I am painfully horrible at.) You may already know that for the last 9 months I have been building a website with my new business partner, Marshall.


I met Marshall last January. We quickly discovered that we both were tired of being tied to the internet and we were doing jobs we hated. We were tired of making very little $ for our efforts. Tired of wondering if we would even HAVE a job if ‘X’ happened.

We both wanted out.

So we took action. Right off, we quit our full-time jobs in May to start working full time for ourselves. Then we started a company and proceeded to build our review website.

The Website

Our website is called BestDamnReviews. It reviews companies who sell business services such as VoIP phone service, online fax service, or business insurance and more.

Quitting our jobs was a giant risk we both took. It was hella scary, yes.

However, Marshall has had a successful review site in the past. He’s shown me the site and showed me his records of the income he got from that site and it was impressive. Once you build it, and get it ranking, the money just rolls in. You do nothing. It’s music to the ears!

He has the experience and the SEO/computer savvy and I have the writing, design and research skills. (Though I have found that Marshall thoroughly exceeds my skills in research!) We made the perfect team! NEVER could I have done this on my own.

Why A Review Website?

We picked this niche because Marshall has experience in it already. But mostly, there are not any good review sites that we could find out there and saw a need for one in the market. Our site is funny, somewhat quirky, and made to be easy to understand as well as funny when possible.

Best Damn Reviews

Has it been easy? GOD no! It’s been a bitch to build! We thought we would be ranking on the first page in Google by now, at LEAST for some search terms, but it’s harder than we thought.

We’re doing it the right way, but dude. It takes a lot of work and even more time! More than expected. Of course. Isn’t that the way of the world?

Anyway, that’s what I am doing with my time. Researching, writing, designing, emailing, bitching, and sometimes crying from frustration.

Still, we’re slowly building our little gem of a site. And we’re moving steadily up in the Google ranks!

Is That About It?

In between working and the other above bits, I try to explore a little. I haven’t done a lot of it the past few months due to just guilt and time constraints. Soon enough, I’ll be free. And explore more I shall!

From a photoshoot for the website for our about page. We do things… outside of the box. 

Right now I am boondocking at the Xscapers Convergence in Quartzsite, Az. Marshall and I met here exactly a year ago. And here we are- unemployed! 😂 We made the jump and are taking the risk for the big reward!


As I was typing this blog, I literally JUST got word from Marshall that we have made a sale from Best Damn Reviews!!!!!

Our FIRST! This is a wonderful landmark day!!! 🎉😀🎈I couldn’t have made this up!!


Hell, we have been looking forward to this day for quite a while! There’s a technicality that could cause the sale to be rescinded, but it’s happening! So I am not really TOTALLY going to celebrate. Yet.

I really think people will like the atmosphere of the site and connect with its playfulness. So damn exciting!

What a difference a year can make.  😁❤️

27 thoughts on “What Does An ‘Unemployed’ Full-Time RVer Do All Day?

  1. Question in regards to health insurance …. I would love to leave the cooperate world but my(our) issue is health insurance. Are you self insured via one of those “exchanges” ? If it’s too personal that’s fine no need to reply.. It just seems that when I have the money things figured out healthcare seems to be not covered and too expensive… Just wondering how others that took the plunge before me are doing it.

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    1. When I first launched into this life, I had a job. My health insurance was about 250 a month. The marketplace only helped me about $20 a month, but I never sent in my proof of income because it was such a pain in the ass. For 20 bucks? No thanks. So I didn’t take the subsidy. I don’t pay anything near that now because I basically don’t have an income. It’s a freaking tough world out there as far as health insurance goes. It is so expensive and Obamacare has screwed a lot of people. I’m only doing OK because I don’t even have a job/income. Once I start making money I’m sure I’ll be raped! Have you tried contacting Kyle at RV insurance exchange? He might be able to help. http://www.rverinsurance.com/


      1. Yeah i have to look more into the RVer insurance thing. I am not sure how much they cover if you have expenses. Maybe i just need to suck it up and be a cooperate slave for a few more years and load up that HSA account ? Right now I pay 150 a month in insurance and my pay for my wife’s knee replacement which costs $28000 was $250. She had cancer twice and it runs in her family so that is a big issue for us…BUT on the positive note I work 100% remote so we can travel but..let’s just say…..I rather be fishing….

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      2. The problem now is that most states will only cover you in the state your domiciled in. Right now, as far as a good state to be domiciled in I think the only one is Florida if you fill time RV. That’s where I’m from so it was easy for me. I can’t recall the names of the plans, HMO, PPO no, I can’t remember which. The one I have allows me to be treated in any state. The other only allows you to be covered in The state you’re domiciled in. It’s ridiculous. So you can get domiciled in Florida and still travel. Kyle knows more about it than I do. What sucks is we are ALL just one accident away from bankruptcy. No matter whether we’re covered with insurance or not. 😕


  2. blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } I don’t know the hell your website does!? What is a sale? I’m so confused right now!

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    1. Did you go to the site? We were a few different companies. So if you need something like online fax service, we review the companies to provide it for you. 😊


  3. I quit a part time job last March. They had cut my hours down to 4-8 a week. I was forced by circumstances to take SS at 62. And I only had one retirement account left to draw on, so I retired.
    I mortgaged the house, and bought a used class C. The the “wheels fell off the wagon.” Illness, and repairs all dropped in a one month period.
    My plans to travel and possibly rent the house out, went along with my savings.

    I have worked for 50 yrs, never for myself. I have been looking jnto the Workampers site to take a couple of online classes. Then if I could leave, I could have a marketable talent in the RV world.

    Your blog is a beam of light to me. Many years ago my degree was in programming.
    I dropped out of the field to join the Air Force. When I got out, I was squeezed out of the field. Do just got a job in a factory, like other college grads, paid better than our fields in this area. Stayed 28 yrs and downsized out.
    Took a job with local company (national) as Broadband tech support. Lasted until they closed and moved.

    I have done independent contracting in election software, merchandising, quality assurance, and tech support….etc
    But to RV what could/can I do independently to afford it?
    So the RV is setting on the drive. Covered in ice…and I still try and figure out how I can be like you. 💖

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    1. Everybody has to find their own way. Just meeting and getting to know other full-time RV years I think is a valuable commodity to have. Through Instagram, I have met a ton of folks. (Whether I’ve met them in person yet or not. As far as meeting, usually it’s just a matter of time.) it sounds like you have a lot of different skills. I got a job through flexjobs.com. You could check that out. We’re camping is another option as well as working for Amazon. Because I enjoy it, and because I’m not making any money right now, I get a bit of a kick out of seeing how cheaply I can live. There’s always ways to cut corners, there’s always a solution. I’m glad you see the ray of light, there’s always a way. It may not be “ideal” in your eyes, but once you make certain changes in your life, other things seem to pop up. Had I not started full-time RVing, I would never would’ve met my business partner, and I never would be doing this for a future income! NO way. I pay absolutely no rent. Besides my rental house of course. But out here, no campground fees. You can workcamp. Just keep your head up and keep looking, you’ll figure it out! Thanks, Vicki… just go for it!!!!!


  4. Just today my grandfather said, “so, are you actually getting paid for anything or you just on a long vacation?” Made me laugh when I saw the time of your post. Funny thing is, like you, I’ve probably never worked so hard. When you’re working for yourself, helping to build someone elses dream, though, it seems much for satisfying.

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    1. “A long vacation”- lol!!!!! That’s pretty funny. People often say that once they work from sells it would never go back to working for someone else. I already feel that way, at least the thought of going back in anyway shape or form is pretty repulsive. I sure hope I don’t ever have to. Good luck and hard work to the both of us, right? 😊


      1. Isn’t this the truth. We often laugh at how we managed to have a life when so many hours were consumed with an 8 hour job, an hour or two commute time, etc. etc. Then we wonder why we are stressed, tired, cranky, burned out and depressed, lol.

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  5. I’m late to the party on this post.. however it popped up as I read your recent (Mexico medical adventure) post and I was just thinking how you we’re pulling this off so young 😉 I am in the house of thinking that not having a job is no big deal… Actually, I’m quite jealous and want to do it too! I have lost my need for things and find personal victory in my ‘gift of thrift’. I’ve got the donation trucks coming by monthly, readying myself to shove off.
    I’ve been mentoring myself in jobs I could pull off while on the road. I clearly love to write and have a few marketable skills I could promote. I have perused flexjobs.com and totally agree with you, they are a great place to see what’s out there. I’m honing my learning by what those jobs are asking for in the ‘skills department’. I want to be ready to pull it off, and of course do it b4 truly leaving. My hubby is the anchor, tho… his Mom is still here and he’s 8 years my junior. My Dad spends much of his time in Hawaii… not RV accessible! Ha!
    The insurance thang would be an issue. Sadly, my boss is paying for my $530 a month bronze plan… not me 😉 Yes, Ocare effed our area with only one choice of carriers. Fingers crossed this changes soon. Yes, we should be able to be treated anywhere. Life should not have a price on it.
    If you’re ever in the Midwest, lemme know!!

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  6. Gift of Thrift- I love that! Too funny. I get off of being thrifty as well. You can’t beat free ‘rent’, that’s for sure! I LOVE it! I hope you can launch sooner than later. There is always something to find to keep you from going- sometimes you just have to do it. Leave your husband behind, LOL! I’ll let you know if I get to the midwest but the plan is certainly not to go there at the moment. Too much of the West I want to explore! Health Insurance really sucks. Good thing I am a Florida resident… I got a plan where I can get treated anywhere I go. It’s the last plan of it’s kind though, and surely it’s going to go away soon. : (


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