8 thoughts on “Gizmo’s Revenge

  1. The trainer don’t me that dogs do remember and don’t do things out of spite… every time I piss off my Chi, there is poop on the floor near my desk chair. I have trouble believing it is always a coincidence 😀

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  2. Classic shot over the bow, using the door mat. If you ignore the warning a piece of your favorite clothing will likely be next. I don’t think dogs have the nature to act out of spite, they just seem to learn how to communicate in ways humans react to (train the trainer???). I wondered what was next after reading the last post 😉

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    1. In all seriousness, I don’t think she did it for any purpose except she had to go. why didn’t she ask? I don’t know. Maybe you’re right about them knowing how we react to things and acting accordingly? Who knows. But it was very funny timing. No accidents since! (and I have carefully not left any clothes on the floor, LOL!)


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