OhMyFuckingGodZion. And, How I Rid My RV of My First Mouse And Didn’t Kill It!!!

Hoooooooly shit! It’s been a ride and my ass has not been busy telling you about it. It’s been greedily taking in the sights, sounds and smells of travel. Not to mention I have been busy working on a new project  with fellow full-time Rv’er and friend, Marshall, who has been caravanning with me for work for a while now.

This project has taken up so much of our time, we have not done much exploring outside of moving every two weeks. We’re ok with that because it’s all ‘front-loading’ work which will be over soon. Still, we’ve been a few places. We will start with the drive from Sedona.

The Road to ZION



Whelp, this place is now second on my list of holy ‘shit-your-pants’ places to go see. I was not expecting the fabulousness that IS Zion.

This was taken on the way up to Observation Point. You are looking straight across at Angels Landing.
‘Zenning’ out. North Zion.

It’s much prettier than Yellowstone. It’s now my second favorite place in the USA behind Glacier National Park. It’s WAY better than the Grand Canyon. (In my opinion) This place has beauty of every sort. The trees, the river, the huge canyon walls, the colors. Zion is a relatively short but beautiful canyon.

I stopped the vehicle to take this, don’t worry…
I mean…. A little bit of heaven.


Our campsite was not in Zion, it was in Virgin, UT about 30 minutes from the entrance. It was very picturesque- we boondocked on the BLM at Virgin Dam camping area which is perched on the ridge of a deep river canyon. It was my first look at such a big landscape. We arrived knowing new friends (to me) would be at the camping area already so we weren’t all alone.



Got lucky with this rainbow. Virgin river on the right, but you can’t see it.                      Nanee Nanee boo-boo.
This is the Virgin River that we are parked right next to. She doesn’t look like a virgin to me. I think she’s been around a while! 


After a day of setup, we simply HAD to go into Zion. Their shuttle system is stellar and you have to use it to get through Zion in the summer. The first trail we tried, The Grotto Trail was chock full of wildlife, to my delight.

The Squirrels are so accustomed to people and getting fed (illegally) that they will get right up your ass, on you or in your gear looking for food, as you can see in the video.


The next trail we went on, we hooked up with full-timer friends Lon and Diana who were not staying with us on the BLM but in a campground nearby. We all wanted to tackle the infamous Angels Landing Trail, which is not for the faint of heart! You could easily fall and die on this trail, hence the chains bolted into the rock to use to hold onto on your way.

It’s this narrow, like a spine on top of the mountain/canyon.
Straight. Up. And don’t fall
You HAVE to climb. UP.
Fun switchback area before the chain area called Walter’s Wiggles. 
Made it! Marshall, Me, Diana and Lon at the top of Angels Landing.
It doesn’t much look like it but that is a super steep rock. If one starts to fall, they will roll right off! It was a little scary to get out there. Everyone was looking at me. (They were like “what an IDIOT” 🙂

Virgin was also the home of the most Wal-Mart-like, ‘hugest’ Ace Hardware I have ever seen!

Get your guns at ACE! Ace is the place? Ok, I guess this really is Utah!
An entire camping section. They had a whole wall of bike gear. They had EVERYTHING. 


Zion was also the location of my first RV ‘house mouse’. I hear that everyone picks one up at some point in time when you full time. I suspect he/she crawled up my generator cord into the rig.

I left the little Rv electrical door open which I now know I really need to keep shut. I really didn’t want to kill the mouse with a trap, but I surely did not want him in my RV, either! So, after a couple restless/nerve-racking nights,  I devised a plan to just ‘let him out’, or chase it out.

The little shit doing his thing. IN MY STOVE!!!?? GET OUT!

Long story short, after about 4 days and much destroying the insides of my RV…

There are only so many places a mouse can hide in a place like this!

…to find the little guy,  my plan came to life. It happened in the middle of the night. (Right after he woke me up again)

I simply LET IT OUT.

I opened the window and he literally jumped out. And I *almost* caught it on video… I caught the moment that gave me the idea because he almost fell out the window in the video. Watch below, and you can see how I (barely) did try to push him out with the towel but I was too slow.

Still, it’s a bit suspenseful to watch. I’m not creeped out by mice usually  but when they are in my house, suddenly I am jumpy   : )


After all the drama, it was back to work for Marshall and I. Not too much more excitement to report. We did hike up Observation Point Trail. It was gorgeous, of course.  The elevation is higher than Angels Landing at 6,508′.

Overlook near the campsite. What is Gizzy thinking here?
Being a rock.
I see an alligator with its eyes popped out.

At the end of some days, we would chill with friends at this gorgeous place.

New friends all around!
He has a cute name- Moosey Pants!
Drinks for everyone, of course!
Yes, there are even children on the road! I bonded with these little gems and they drew my name drawn in the sand and gave me a  little bouquet. : )

There are always antics happening. I can’t help it…



We stayed for our two-week limit and then ventured on to the Grand Canyon. Zion was one of my favorite stops and I would like to return someday.

There are plenty of places to stop, be still and take in the wonder that is nature.

See you somewhere around the USA.    🙂

8 thoughts on “OhMyFuckingGodZion. And, How I Rid My RV of My First Mouse And Didn’t Kill It!!!

  1. Purely phenomenal pictures! Hope you don’t mind, but we will be using your posts as must stops on our west coast trip. You have truly seen some of the most wonderful areas of the country. Be safe and have fun.


  2. Hey Greg! Thank you- Oh, that is great! Let me know if you want information about where to stay if you ever want to boondock. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures! -Kelly


  3. Your journal never fails to amaze!  Both the humorous and informative narrative and the phenomenal pix are a delight.   I am so happy for you.  You truly seem to have found your calling – so long as it can support you I’d say your the luckiest and most courageous girl I know! LVYA, Rosemary

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  4. You are hilarious…and definitely someone we could hang with!! We just bought our first RV today…at 60 years old, we are selling EVERYTHING, and living the life! Your blog has inspired us, and given us some great laughs!! I have bookmarked your page, and we intend to follow your antics!! The mouse video was GREAT!!! You are living the life Chickadee!! ❤

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    1. Lol! Thank you Linda! I’m so glad you enjoy my antics. The life is great, you’re going to love it. You will never regret selling everything is nothing you will miss. I can just about guarantee you that! Go on and kick life’s ass. 😂 ❤️


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