EEEK! My First Night Boondocking ALL ALONE!

We lived to tell the tale! That’s right, my dogs and I survived our first night completely alone in the desert in my 24′ RV.

Then there were three…(The backside of my Rv is on the very left side of the screen)
Then there were two…
Everyone is GONE but me!!

After the last three RV’s of the group I was camping with left, it was just us.

There were no other RV’s in sight.

No houses. No power lines. No signs of mankind. No sounds but the wild ones.

No lights visible but the stars. The moon was not even out on this night.  (The perfect setting for a horror flick, right?)

I was pretty much OK with it…

Until it got dark.

I was kidding myself that darkness might not descend upon us this night.

It did.

Oooooooooh boy…. here it comes…

At that point I did get the ‘heebie-jeebies.’

I found myself curiously reluctant to venture outside, because when I opened the RV door, I got that…. that…

that feeling.

You know, the scary as shit one you got when you were a kid, like there was something supernatural behind you.

About to pounce on you.

I hate that feeling, and yet, there it was, showing up again in my 43rd year.

Aren’t I an ADULT?

The feeling has rarely made an appearance in the last two or three decades, but it very much alive in my head on this night.

So my irrational reaction was to simply stay inside the RV.

Because, in kid code, ‘inside’ has powers to save you from supernatural demons.

I was especially safe if I stayed under my super protective bed sheets…excellent plan!

My ‘stay inside’ plan was genius until I remembered that I have these things called ‘The Girls‘.

Yes, ‘The Girls’!

As a responsible mom, I had to venture out with them for potty time. Coyotes ARE for real…

I decided that using both my trusty Light and Motion POWERFUL headlamp and my super-far lighting Rayovac spotlight flashlight would give us extra protection from The Unknown.

I promise, this is the Rolls Royce in headlamps, shoots light all the way to the mountains, AND it’s rechargable.

The spotlight takes 6AA batteries, it’s light, and they say it’s indestructible. So far, so good!

I’m providing links to both if you want to look at what I use and DEPENDED on on this fateful night. (And still do. To watch out for solar panels and such)


Light & Motion Solite 250

Rayovac DIY6AASP-B Indestructible 500-Lumen Waterproof Spot Flashlight


Light Sabers on head and in hand, we crept out into the night.

Coyotes howled and yipped in the distance.
I kept the spotlight on HIGH and we eased out into the darkest night of our lives.

Due to the nature of my fear, my previously powerful spotlight somehow seemed dim in desert darkness.

For the first time, my trusty headlamp seemed to reach for something to illuminate. (So much for my flashlight safety fantasies.)

This walk was brief, and if business wasn’t taken care of promptly, Mama wasn’t going to wait for you tonight!

I was relieved when my irrational childlike fear did not escalate. Even better,  I was mostly over it by the time we got back to the Rv.  We scurried back inside, safe and sound.

Protected once again by the all-powerful safe and protective blankets

Was all of this nervousness warranted? I think so as one might reasonably expect to be nervous the first time they are all alone out in the desert.

I do have 3 forms of protection in my RV, but they will not protect me from the supernatural!

I am truly not worried about a human attack. There’s a much higher chance of that happening in a city, town or Rv park.

The next day we packed up and hit the road bound for Lake Havasu to join up with another group of Xscapers. (This is an offset group from the Escapee’s RV club)

OTRA! (On the road again…)

About two hours of sitting in the Tundra finally landed us at the next campsite. This one is located a few miles north of Lake Havasu City.

Not the greatest, but we’re not here for the scenery or serenity. We’re here for community.

This site is not ideal by any means in my opinion. We are here to be with the group and to see the Lake Havasu Winter Fireworks Show, Feb. 11-14.

It is not a large area to park in, and there are RV’s quite close to each other, compared to all of the space we had at the last campsite. : (

See the Sea of RV’s?

My windows are filled with other RV’s and the air is filled at times with the sound of humming generators besides our own. Road noise is present.

I did not hear any coyotes last night but there have been Burros passing through the area.

Their droppings told the story. I hope to see a wild burro!

A fellow RV’er told me to check out Oatman, Az, where will burro are not so wild and they roam all over the town.

They will come right up to you and nudge you for a treat. I am so going there.

Speaking of humming, today I put up a hummingbird feeder on the back window of the Rv, and as I sit here writing, I have my first visitor!

A hike is in order later, as there are steep hills right behind where we are parked. Spring has sprung in the desert and there are many flowers popping up all around us- especially beside the roads.

Gizzie girl complimenting the purple with her pink jacket today.

I hope to catch a good sunset tonight as there are finally clouds in the sky. They have been missing for almost 2 weeks! (I did- see below)

Not bad!

That’s about it for now. Sure boondocking all alone was nerve wracking, but it really wasn’t so bad.

I kid a little about the level of fear I experienced, ’cause it was fun to exaggerate. It was not that bad at all. It was really quite peaceful. AFTER the forementioned fear left me.

After conquering a night alone in the desert, I think we can conquer pretty much anything together in this RV!

Thanks for following along voyeuristically with me!

29 thoughts on “EEEK! My First Night Boondocking ALL ALONE!

  1. I enjoyed reading your latest post, of course we all have a fear of the unknown, like complete darkness. It is a something we all experience at one time or another. I envy you, your courageous venture into the west. As a former fulltimer, I miss the adventures of this beautiful country, especially the western U S. Stay safe and have fun.

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    1. Hi Tina, we were booning about 11 miles South of Quartzsite, Az. You can just find a flat spot to park for the night of its BLM land. Yes there are designated spots, short term spots (14 day limit) and long term areas (must have a permit to stay). However as long as it is BLM land and you follow a few rules, you can park anywhere that your RV can get to. It doesn’t have to be marked. But it can’t be private property either so you have to do a little investigating. There are different resources- apps, Benchmark maps and such, as well as ranger stations to guide you!


  2. I so love your pic of Gizzie girl running with the purple flower. Nice! I want to follow your blog. Haven’t found the follow button yet. lol. I’m very intrigued with the full rv life. This post felt like I was there with you feeling what’s it’s like to be alone in the middle of nowhere. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you for the sweet words Cheryl! I don’t know what the deal is with the follow button it seems like sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not. If you want to you can message me and give me your email address. I’ll be happy to send you the subscription confirmation email…
      And, I highly recommend the full-time RV life. I only wish I had done it sooner!


      1. I’m following you now. Looking forward to more posts. I am hoping to retire end of the year after 29 years. I’ve been downgrading my stuff for awhile. The one thing that might slow me down is my son and his family moving in with me this April, from Thailand. I’ll be explaining to him what mom wants so he and my daughter-in-law can figure how to get a a job asap. I am looking forward to seeing my 18 mo. old grandson very much, though.

        I like your rv setup. I have a 2012 17′ Jayco Swift trailer and a 2001 Toyota Tundra. I still need to get a solar power setup and a canopy for my truck bed. Do you have solar power for your trailer?

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      2. Welcome aboard! Wow your rig is small!!! But similar in a way, I have a 2003 Tundra. I just got a portable solar suitcase and it’s wonderful!!
        I only have two 12volt batteries so this will suffice to keep them charged. Also, I would like to get a different rig so I didn’t want to invest $$ into putting solar on top.


      3. I’m following you now. I found the Follow button at the lower right hand corner. Thanks for offering to send an email.

        I am looking forward to full-timing after 29 years of working, I am hoping at the end of the year. In the meantime, I’ve been downsizing my stuff and need to get a canopy for my Toyota Tundra and solar power. Do you have a solar power set up? Also, my son and his family will be moving here from Thailand, so a job for them will be in order for mom to move on. lol I am looking forward to seeing my 18 mo. old grandson, though.

        I’ll be reading your past posts now. Have a great day!

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  3. I found your blog awhile ago and read some then. Found it again while perusing RVillage today and read all the way through this post.
    My hubby and I are in our early 50’s and are planning to go full time in the very near future, hopefully by summer’s end. I enjoy reading inspirational blogs such as yours. It gives me hope that we can do it too 🙂
    We bought our tow vehicle a week ago and we hope to purchase the travel trailer we’ve been oogling over in a few months.
    We’ll have a ‘working retirement’, running our business while traveling around. We’ll start local (in California) and work our way outward from there. We have a mobile plastic repair business. You can find us at
    Thank you for sharing your adventures. You really inspire the travelers and the wanna-be travelers!

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    1. Hi Reneekip! Congratulations on your new upcoming life! You’re going to love it! Thank you so much for reading and for taking the time to comment. A big part of the purpose of my blog is to help others know a little more about what it might be like for them. Also for people who can’t do it to be able to live vicariously through the blog. It is such a fun life and I’m so excited for you and your upcoming adventure! What travel trailer are you looking at to purchase? That’s another post I need to do, things I wish My travel trailer had! I did not choose wisely. Hey, it’s all a learning experience! Thanks again for stopping by and good luck!!


      1. We want to get a Rockwood 2703WS by Forest River. It feels like a 5th wheel in the living area but is a tow behind. It’s roomy all over and there’s plenty of storage. We’ve been to many RV shows over the past 3-4 years and have looked in hundreds of models. We started looking at 5th wheels but we’d need a truck. A truck won’t work for our business. Then we were thinking about a 5th wheel toy hauler but then again we’d need a truck. Although we could use the garage for our business it would require us to get a large truck to pull it. When we saw the 2703, we immediately fell in love. We thought our Suburban could tow it, but the weight is too great. When we found a used Excursion for sale, which can tow 10,000 pounds, we traded up. Next up: getting rid of our stuff…

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      2. That sounds like a plan! I want to look at that one, because I’ve teetered on the idea of getting a fifth wheel as well, but then that would mean me having to get a new truck. I love the interior of fifth wheels but it is hard to find a travel trailer with that sort of layout inside, unless you get super long. And keep on dumping your stuff. I swear you will not miss any of it. 🙂


  4. I don’t seem to get any email notifications when you post something new, Kelly. Is there a way that can be made to happen?

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    1. Hmmm, I’m sorry to hear this- I’ll help Amy way I can… can you give me maybe the first part of your email address and I can see if you are on my email list? If you’re not, I’m happy to add you!


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