The things I have been getting into around Bigfork, Montana.

Hello. I know I haven’t written for a while. And here I’ve been in Montana already for an entire month!

Montana has been keeping me busy! I arrived at broken like ranch on June 10.

 It was almost like I had arrived on a safari wildlife trek! Just what I was looking for.

Turkeys just outside my rv! They do gobble.
Yep, that’s a deer! I just love them. They have a few fawns as well
More turkey . That’s The main rental house in the background.
Can you believe I lived after taking the shot of these wolves almost pouncing on me?

This is a 40 acre rental property ranch with a great big meadow in the middle and the properties for rent are scattered about on its outer edges. I’m on the back edge part under some trees so the Rv is nicely shaded. 

My summer pad… not bad.

What have I been doing? So far, I’ve been to Glacier National Park six times, driven it’s ‘Going to the sun road’ three times, I’ve driven up to The jewel basin hiking area, but I barely hiked there at all (that’s another story).

See? I am walkimg in the forest. No selfie stick, so super close shot. I did my best here, folks.
Forgot to mention, I finally saw a bear! Grizzly bear. I can mark that off of my bucket list!
An attempt at words will just screw this one up.


I took this today, I was exploring the neighborhood around Ferndale, where the ranch is. 

I’ve gone up and partied in the town of Whitefish which is about an hour north of here, and I’m sure I’m missing something else.

Sunset at the lodge at whitefish lake.

Yes I am, I got to see the infamous Bigfork Fourth of July parade! It had such a hometown feel to it! I don’t usually dig parades but this is one I would see every year.

This girl was REPRESENTIN’! I just loved her outfit. So I stole a shot.
Just because there was a donkey.
Another ‘all out’ wardrobe!
See next caption…
I’m not quite sure who this guy was or what he represented, (mosquito man?) but he WORKED it! (And it was hot on the 4th) Well deserving of three photos.
This guy saw that I was taking a photo and stood up on the saddle just for me! Thanks guy!
This old fire truck was too cool to not take a picture. I missed it at the very beginning of the parade, but I got lucky, he came back after the parade so I took this quick shot.

And, well, I somewhat have learned how to and helped put up a real teepee!

Change of subject, no transition, (this is something we used to say in my family when it applied) Almost everyone asks if I’m lonely doing this. I had a lonely day yesterday, my first of this whole trip. I’m better today. Doing this solo has been interesting in terms of self exploration. At times I’m feeling happiness, contentment, and peace. At other times I still feel the same old internal angst. Loneliness. Questioning why we are here. Wondering if there’s something wrong with me.

Sometimes I feel like I’m an F’ed up chic who’s just trying to find her way. At other times I feel like this is perfect for me, the right place to be right now. Am I a drifter? A traveler? What am I? (Well, no need to define it, Kelly, that’s part of the purpose of this entire journey. Isn’t it?)

I think I just let myself get into my head a little bit for this past week or so. That’s not unusual for me, but it’s unusual for this trip which I’ve been on now for six weeks. I think the longer I stay in one place the more I’m settled so I have more time to get ‘into’ my head. (And that is NOT a good place for me to be.) My feet have tread upon that place far too many times before.

The girls are well, and I’m still good, y’all, see below.

See? I must be alright. Here is a perfectly normal photo of me lying on a trail with my head on the grass in Glacier. Totally normal.

More adventurous posts are soon to come, I just wanted to update you as to where I am and what’s been going on.

Thank you for reading!

Word out.

6 thoughts on “The things I have been getting into around Bigfork, Montana.

  1. Hey Kelly, looks like you are having a great time. I saw a post of yours on RVillage and decided to follow your blog. You do a very good job at writing and your pictures are great, looking forward to your next post.


  2. So happy to read this while in Portugal. The writing is great, your pictures are super and your “real” sharing is helpful to others. We are all in “it” together. The “it “sometimes feel like you’re the “windshield and sometimes you’re the bug” ( borrowed quote) any rate. I love you girl and think you can do anything and everything…maybe that’s the angst…too many choices : ) Kate Hawk


  3. Oh, don’t give up, don’t give up, don’t give up! I don’t know you personally, but I am so proud that you are living your dream! I am following from the shadows, dreaming of one day doing it myself. Keep sharing!


    1. Hi Trina! Thank you- I’m not giving up. This feeling comes and goes, it’s nothing new! I hope you get to do the same someday if that’s your wish. I highly recommend it!!!
      Thank you for following along, it means the world to me, and makes this journey all that more meaningful!


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