The Launch into full time Rv life! (FINALLY!)

So, all of my six months of continued hype has led up to this moment… The moment where I finally leave my little Edgewood Terrace ‘nest’ and hit the road. The big moment of flying out of the driveway and into the ‘real world’ of pavement. Well folks, my wings have finally felt air beneath them!

(Have I said finally?)

The video is me loading up the last few things: 

The last time my shoes will touch my grass for however long…

Actually, I launched yesterday, on May 25 around noon. My plan was to head up to DeFuniak springs to a campground where I could dump my very full tanks. (Though my black tank still reads as 2/3 full-a sensor problem) This is where my first adventure began- and only 45 minutes into the journey.

I arrived at the fishing campground uneventfully, and asked the camp host if he would assist me in dumping my tanks as I have never done it by myself. He gladly obliged, but when we looked underneath the area where you pull the levers out to open the tanks, we noticed one was very bent. If you’re thinking, “it probably should not be bent”, you are right.

So the next thing he does is unscrew the cap on the hose where everything comes out, and immediately, my WASTE liquid poured out all over his hand.

To me, it happened in slow motion, to my horror, and I tried to immediately help him get it off, but he was not the LEAST BIT CONCERNED. His comment back to me was “Oh a little sewage doesn’t bother me”. (REALLY?)

That statement alone might help you visualize the entire scene. I don’t feel any need to set up the scene after you have heard that comment. He went on to explain that he has worked with chicken slaughterhouses and that was the nastiest experience he’s ever had.


So obviously the bend in the shaft was a problem and needed to be fixed. Thank goodness Dixie RV was open on Memorial Day! I didn’t want to wait ANOTHER day to launch… So straightaway, I drove to Dixie RV to get this fixed. $200 later, I was on the road at around 5:00 PM.


Being towed for repair…


Getting fixed. Properly, I hope.

So I’m finally on the road to: DESTINATION MONTANA! (More on that in a future post)  Two minutes later, I noticed in my side mirror that I had left one of the basement doors open (this whole thing is a constant learning experience, which I must say, I LOVE) -the door was flapping in the breeze. So, on I-10, I pulled over to close and lock it. Good deal. But, no less than THREE things were learned from this one little mistake:

  1. Always DOUBLE-check that you have locked your basement doors and all other doors.
  2. Never pull off the side of the road just past a HILL. (Duh, right?)
  3. Never pull over when the road is on a right-hand curve. CANT SEE IN YOUR SIDE MIRROR ANY CARS COMING to pull out. (Duh, AGAIN)

I lived, but I traveled about a half mile on the side of I-10 risking a tire puncture to be able to safely pull back into traffic. I made it though, so onward to Montgomery…


Opp, Alabama? Or near opp, not sure

I made it all the way to Birmingham. Pretty tired, I decided to park in a close-by Lowe’s parking lot for the night. It was after hours so I couldn’t ask permission, but I had read online before that they have open Wi-Fi and it goes well into the parking lot, so that’s why I stayed there. (And it was free.) No need to make a reservation, so I’m happy.


My first ‘campsite’. The deal is, apparently I typically do things ‘differently’, so nothing has changed here.

I set my alarm at about 6:15 AM to leave before the employees arrived. Upon wakening, I opened up my window shade and saw that about 30 cars were already parked in the parking lot. I did not beat them. No worries, on to Nashville!


Hey, thats me pulling my house! And Gizzy, photobombing in her sleep of of course!

Day two…
To be continued!!

Too tired tonight to go on.   : )

Thank you for reading!! I am not alone on this journey because you are with me.  : )

12 thoughts on “The Launch into full time Rv life! (FINALLY!)

  1. I love your video Kelly, they are so fun 🙂
    It looks like the Girls know that the big day has finally arrived.
    I was wondering, did the folks at Dixie RV center say what might of happened that the dump valve had gotten bent?
    You have to give the campground Host credit for being such a good guy in a nasty situation 😦
    The fun and interesting stories of your adventure are starting to add up, and we look forward to more 🙂
    Safe Travels


    1. Well, I know that that Rod was a little bent when I got it. But our Dixie RV dump my tanks prior to my story as well and it was much more bent. I don’t blame them though it was bent and this is going to happen it needed to be replaced. N well, I know that that Rod was a little bent when I got it. But our Dixie RV dump my tanks prior to my story as well and it was much more bent. I don’t blame them though it was bent and this is going to happen it needed to be replaced. No doubt more things like that will be happening but that’s all part of the journey and part of life. I’m just glad to be out of the driveway and into the wild!


  2. Yay! Congratulations! And by the way our first night of our first big trip we slept in a Costco parking lot. 🙂 So excited you’re going to Montana – we LOVE Montana! And yes it’s a definite learning process. One thing I would highly recommend is to start using a checklist. After we made a couple of mistakes we started using a checklist and it helped tremendously until we really got the hang of everything. Safe travels and can’t wait to follow along!


    1. Thank you for the tip, I plan to get one. I’m sure it will save me money down the road! And headache. So far I’ve sort of been for the tip, I plan to get one. I’m sure it will save me money down the road! And headache. So far I’ve sort of been bee-lining up to Montana. But today I’m going to look around me and decide where to go next and hopefully make some stops. But not too many, I’m very eager to get out to Montana and out west! Thanks for reading guys!


      1. We just used a handwritten list on a piece of paper for our checklist. Just wrote down everything we needed to do during unpacking/packing up and then read over it each time. There is also a free iPhone app called RV Checklist..or something like that. Montana is amazing but there are a lot of cool places along the way too! Especially Colorado and Wymoning….but in the middle part of the country just drive as fast as you can…lol.


  3. Well I can’t go over 60, my rv tire rating, and I don’t want to risk it. Otherwise it would be fun to haul butt!
    I’ll make a list. Don’t own a printer any more! For now. I hated my last one.
    : )


  4. Coolness, and many congrats on your launch. Ooooh and a blackwater story first trip out too. Happy Adventures.


    1. Thank you Dale! The adventures just keep coming. I’m sure that the black tank story was a tip of the iceberg. Everything is worked out quite well so I’m really happy about it. And glad to be on the road!


    1. Those are very kind words, thank you. However, this all feels natural as opposed to scary or intimidating. I don’t deserve your praise, but thank you! I’m looking forward to the whole thing… The journey, the middle, and the end. But I do hope the end is far far away!!!


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