Point Washington state forest, Walton County, Fl

I am from a beautiful area that is renowned for it’s beaches. The Emerald Coast provides for us when it’s pure white sand beaches and emerald green clear waters. It’s beauty and appeal are undeniable. But there is a “sister” to her beauty that is much less spoken of or explored in comparison. Sort of like comparing brad Pitt to his brother, Doug. Next to brad, he’s maybe a 7. Standing alone, you might say a 9. So the attention of the emerald coast goes to its Brad Pitt, and the Forests are content to take second place. I take my girls on frequent walks through the scenic landscape, so I thought you might like a virtual look at what I’m talking about.


 These were my favorite as a kid. When you touch the leaves, they close up as you can see here!
  Dogs in heaven! Pineneedles litter the trail along much of the way.
  This photo couldn’t quite capture how pretty the section of the trail was. But I tried.
  A skink? Not sure.
   They found an old nest that fell from the rotted tree below. I wonder if the babies ever made it?
  Dead tree still providing for food for termites, nesting sites are woodpeckers, and landing/lookout perch for birds.
  They just follow along, happy as clams!
 Pretty, looks like the lupine that grows in the spring.

 Green and blue, like the water at the beaches!

 These prickly vines are everywhere. Sometimes the overtake entire trees.

 Happy travelers, but it’s getting hot!

 The green contrast against the blue sky is something I have always enjoyed.

 Trix checking out a brush animal trail

 I collected this stuff for an art project in grade school. I remember having to check myself for chiggers afterwards.

 The very popular native palmetto. Snakes like to live among these plants. Supposedly, they do not grow in wetlands, so, the mark of an anti-wetland area. (Used in real estate evaluation of property)
 Nice shaded section of trail- a wet area if it’s been raining at all. (no palmettos on the left/wetter side)

  More of the art project materials, rounded up in a herd.
 See the trail? Look for the arrow.

 The little mushroom that could! It’s bold to grow right aside the trail- high risk of getting kicked.

 Smoothed exposed root from a lot of friction from being stepped on.

 You don’t see very much color, but every now and then you’ll get a little pop!

 I’m a bark fan… Resisted posting more bark pics.

 Pretty and geometric.

 Heading home!
 But wait- did you know that there’s a little insect that lives at the bottom of this little pit that he created? He digs it out, then waits for another bug to slide into it. Then he keeps throwing more sand up at the bug so It can’t climb out until he grabs it and eats it
 A little about the forest if you would like to read…

 They are digging out a new trail?
 To show you it’s about a foot deep. Very curvy.
 Map (obviously) of point Washington area.
 All tuckered out- thank goodness the arm rest was there for her head!

Just as tuckered as Trixie!

(The end, and thank you for watching!)

14 thoughts on “Point Washington state forest, Walton County, Fl

  1. Thanks for taking us on your hike Kelly 🙂
    I love how you put words to paper in such a fun way 🙂
    You have a cool way of making the little things, sound so interesting…WHICH THEY ARE 🙂
    We love it when were on our canoe trips into the Quetico and how the blues and greens collide in such a bold way…it is amazing 🙂
    You and me will get along just fine Girl…. I LOVE TAKING PICTURES OF DEAD TREES AND ALL KINDS OF BARK 🙂
    So you can share as many as you want on your blog… I’m all for it 🙂
    When we hiked with Oscar, he taught us to always look at what ever he had spotted or smelled 🙂
    So by us watching out for him and protecting him, in the long run he made us see things we would of missed 🙂
    Bad sign when you spotted Oscars 4 feet up in the air rolling in something 😦
    It usually meant…. BATH TIME… and a smelly ride home wrapped up in his beach towel 😦
    T-minus and counting until BLAST OFF 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your adventure with us 🙂


    1. You guys are awesome, Ken and Rilla!! I feel like you are my best shadows’ on this journey so far! You are right about the dogs, their nose knows… and Trixie’s nose found something today in the backyard (had to fix a floodlight- new landlord here…) and started that ‘neck down’ slide that they do, but luckily I caught her! Good advise on watching the dogs, and yes, they led me to that nest. I would have missed it otherwise. I realized today that it’s not going to be so easy to bathe them if I am dry camping as water is a precious resource. Hmmmm. I guess I will learn as I go. Fingers crossed that tomorrow the ‘fax’ will come in to Restyler’s where I purchased my new Leer camper top, saying that it’s on the truck for delivery. Sheesh! I’m WAITING!!
      Again, thank you for shadowing me on this new journey, it means the world to me!


      1. Kelly you have NO Idea how happy we are to be able to follow and be your shadows on your adventure 🙂
        Plus proud of you, because you have the courage to undertake and do something special with your life, by undertaking such a COOL ADVENTURE … 🙂
        When you head west, we can maybe help you out with areas to see in southern Utah.
        I’ve ridden my bicycle across southern Utah twice and Rilla hauled our camping gear and she checked out lots of things she wanted to see all day and I enjoyed things along my route all day long 🙂
        We also know Wyoming and the Dakotas well and Montana 🙂
        So just ask away and we’ll try and help you 🙂
        Sending Hugs right back at you Hun 🙂


      2. I am all smiles! I can’t wait to meet you two one day! I’m jonesing to get to Utah, but totally understand that it is going to take a while. The USA is rather large! Wow, you rode a BICYCLE across southern Utah, eh? At first I took that as a motorbike, but it sounds like you did it hardcore. Awesome! Montana is up there on my list as well. Thanks y’all! (my southern influence)


      3. We’ll meet some day for sure Kelly… be it here in Wisconsin or where ever you might be at the time 🙂
        I’m getting use to using your blog, I’ve never done this before and 😦 COMPUTERS 😦 and me don’t always understand one another 🙂
        Plus I type with one finger so it takes me a while 🙂
        I answered your question about the bird house in your backyard.
        It was in the picture you posted where the fella is fishing 🙂


      4. Hmm, I will look that up- and Im am even MORE amazed now that I know you type with one finger. But you are a pretty fast one-fingered typist! This is one thing I am so happy my mom made me take in summer school- TYPING! And WAY BACK THEN! I have gotten much faster as I work online for my job, a lot.
        : )


      5. I use to type in all capitol letters by putting the caps lock on 😦
        Because I didn’t know what the shift key was for…. to funny eh…. 🙂
        So I’m getting better…. but I’m sure taking the loooooooong way around and about to get there 🙂
        Take Care Kelly and GOOD LUCK on getting your topper on SOON 🙂
        Plus give the girls a couple of extra treats for us 🙂


  2. Yay, thanks for sharing your pics. I’ve played around that area before, very lovely. rambled around Pine Log State Forest (staying the the campground there), oh and enjoyed the Rocky Bayou State Park over near there as well. Looking forward to more Kelly’s Camping Tales. Happy Travels.


    1. Thank you Dale, yes, it is a pretty area, and if you are ever here again, I highly recommend tubing or canoeing on any of the rivers- Econfina or Blackwater. Also, the Wakulla river is extraordinary!!


  3. Hey Kell, really enjoyed your pictures of Point Washington!! They are really neat……bark was my favorite….and the shroom. Cant wait to see more as you embark on your journey of the USA!!!!


  4. Hey Kelly: I’m looking forward to following your adventures. I also am a solo. I am currently living in Pensacola and travel all over the SE with my teardrop trailer. Back in 2003 I moved east from Reno, NV in a 19′ TT with my 10 y/o son, 2 big dogs and a cat. We had quite the adventure. We spent about 6 weeks on the road, staying as long as a week in some places. I had never pulled a trailer before, so there was a lot of screaming and crying for the first couple of days, but I got over that and was a pro from then on. Once we reached Ohio (thought I was going back there to be with my elderly mother), we stayed a couple of weeks and then headed south to Sunset Beach, NC for a week and then spent another month going north up the east coast to NJ and then to PA for a couple of weeks and stayed there with some friends. All of that traveling put the gypsy bug in me. We ended up not staying in Ohio, love mom but can’t live there. I headed to FL because an old friend from CA had moved here and loved it, so what the heck. Here I am, 12 years later. After I retire I too will head out west again to the mountains and wide open spaces. Until then – I’ll keep my toes in the sand and go to NC when I need a mountain fix.

    You mentioned going to camp in DeFuniak Springs, I’m not familiar with any campgrounds there. I would recommend a campground a little farther north, about half way between Baker, FL and Andalusia, AL called Open Pond. It is in the Conecuh National Forest. Great campground with both primitive and E/W sites, good bathrooms (always important). Very peaceful and lots of good hiking. It is my local go to campground when I want to get away and not spend too much time driving.

    Happy Trails!


    1. Hi Delyne, it sounds like you have had some wonderful adventures since you started trekking! I can say I don’t blame you for not wanting to stay in Ohio, it’s not for me either. Wow, a 19′ with TWO big dogs a 10 yo and a cat! Must have been cramped. But adventurous!!
      You should start a blog of your own when you travel again…
      Thank you for the campground recommendation! I didn’t go to defuniak springs, and I am STILL waiting on this darn camper top.
      Thank you for reading, leave any kind of feedback you feel!!! I want to learn what speaks to people the most. I’ll be posting more once I am out of my stunning, exciting driveway! Lol!


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